Bullfighting schedule 2018. First bullfights confirmed

Plaza de toros de Madrid, announced this week end the details of the first two bullfights of the 2018 bullfighting season, and confirmed some more dates of the bullfighting schedule.

Sunday March 25: Breader Victorino Martín. Bullfighters: El Cid, Pepe Moral and Fortes
Sunday, April 1: Breader: El Torero for David Mora. Bullfighters: Daniel Luque and Álvaro Lorenzo

Simón Casas and Rafael García Garrdo, as managers of the bullring, were with Victorino Martín and the bullfighters announced for the two bullfights.

The Bullring of Madrid wanted to advance other details of thebullfight season in Madrid. He announced that in the first novillada of April bullfighting Fuente Ymbro will be fought. He also advanced that full details of San Isidro Fstival 2018 will be confirmated on March 7. San Isidro Festival will be held from May 9 to June 10.

Novilladas (bullfights) during the summer will start around 21:00 in the evening. In September they will return the Challenges between breeders before the Autumn Fair.

bullfighting schedule 2018

bullfighting schedule 2018

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