San Isidro 2017 is the mosy important bullfighting festival of the year. During 32 days, a bullfight takes place in Madrid bullring every day at 7 in the evening.

Although full details haven´t been officially announced yet, we know that during San Isidro Festival, 32 bullfights will take place in Madrid bullring. Starting on May 11th, some of the top bullfighters have confirmed their assistance to the bullfights. There is a tremendous expectation this year because the bullring is managed by a new company, headed by Simon Casas.

This San Isidro Festival looks like something special. Morante de la Puebla, Manzanares, Talavante, Perera, Adame. Roca Rey, Castella, Ponce, El Juli. Click on the top of the page to book your tickets.

As soon as the carteles (bullfighting calendar is confirmed, it will be added here. For further information, please contact us by e-mail, dialing number 91 5674533 or visiting our stablisment, placed in 4 Villafranca Street, next to the Plaza de Toros.

So far we can confirm the following informations:

1.- The most important bullfight of the season will be la Corrida de la Beneficencia. El Juli, Manzanares and Talavante will be on the cartel that day. Manzanares in 2016 reached the peak on the last season. His wonderfull fight during Corrida Beneficencia 2016 will never been forgotten in Madrid. Talavante and El Juli are also very reputable. Talavante this year is going to be one of the top bullfighters in Madrid, with 5 apareances in 2017 bullfightin season in Las Ventas.

2.- La Corrida de la Cultura. This corrida is a new brand corrida. Born to be one of the most interested bullfights of the year. Morante de la Puebla, the prince of Sevilla, is already announced for it. Also Cayetano will fight that day. Cayetano will be back in Madrid bullring after several years outside Madrid carteles. Some people still think that Jose Tomas can be the big surprise that day.

César González.
Gerente de Teyci.